2806NRS Research In Nursing


The aim of this assignment is to critically evaluate a journal article. This will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be able to evaluate the quality and relevance of research to your nursing practice.

Task Description:

For this task, you need to write a critical evaluation report.  In your report, you will critically evaluate a journal article and discuss its relevance to clinical nursing practice.

In your report, you should use the following headings below.

  • Introduction
  • Title and Abstract      
  • Research Design 
  • The Sample               
  • Data Collection     
  • Data Analysis    
  • Results       
  • Conclusion        
  • Relevance to clinical nursing practice
  • You need to include a reference list

Case Stud: Randomised Controlled Trial

You need to write a critical evaluation report on the journal article below using the template provided.  

Journal Article:

Moyle, W., Murfield, J., Jones, C., Beattie, E., Draper, B., & Ownsworth, T. (2019). Can lifelike baby dolls reduce symptoms of anxiety, agitation, or aggression for people with dementia in long-term care? Findings from a pilot randomised controlled trial. Aging & Mental Health, 23(10), 1442-1450. https://doi.org/10.1080/13607863.2018.1498447

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