7-1 A sinking fund can be set up in one of two ways?

7-1 A sinking fund can be set up in one of two ways?a. The Corporation makes annual payments to the trustee, who invests the proceeds in securities (frequently government bonds) and uses the accumulated total to retire the bond issue at maturity.b. The trustee uses the annual payments to retire a portion of the issue each year, calling a given percentage of the issue by a lottery and paying a specified price per bond or buying bonds on the open market, whichever is cheaper.What are the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure from the viewpoint of (a) the firm and (b) bondholders?7-4 If interest rates rise after a bond issue, what will happen to the bond’s price and YTM? Does the time to maturity affect the extent to which interest rate changes affect the bond’s price? (Again, an example might help you answer this question)7-5 If you buy a callable bond and interest rates decline, will the value of your bond rise by as much as it would have risen if the bond had not been callable? Explain. 7-6 Assume that you have a short investment horizon (less than 1 year). You are considering two investments: a 1-year Treasury security and a 20-year Treasury security. Which of the two investments would you view as being riskier? Explain.

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