A Brief Argumentative

A Brief Argumentative Paper

1)      Appeals to Audience values

If there is an element that has continued to stalk humans right from his cradle to the graveyard, it is competition. There are those who point out against competition, citing its cohesiveness with conflict, discord and disagreements. On the other hand, the proponents of competition as a value point out at several factors that support the positive aspects of competition such as effectiveness, improvement in quality, better goods and services delivery among other reasons. Therefore, it is important that the concept and practice be looked at, so as to deduce its morality.

Establishing a common ground

It is fact that competition has always been there. Similarly, that competition has the ability to spark off a volatile and even a conflicting situation is well attested by the World War One and Two and the Cold War Era. This is because; one of the causes of the Great War [World War I] was arms race between Germany and Britain. The Cold War era was also underpinned by the highest degree of arms race between the two centers of power, Russia on one hand, and the US on the other hand. Within the social spheres, it is not so unusual to find homes split asunder by sibling rivalry (Hornstein, 2003, 45). Indeed, in some point, it is even possible to find cases of siblicide to show for this- the June 17th, 2009 Kanpur Dehat, Makaniapur village incident serving as a stark testament. This underscores the point of conflict and the extent of radicalization and conflicting standpoint that can be heralded by competition. Nevertheless, it suffices one to ask: is competition in itself bad?


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