Abrief description of the client s characteristics that need to be considered before using a norm-referenced test,and explain why they are important t


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Eight year-old Sean Brody is a third grader with many challenges .Due to his parent’s impending divorce, for the past 6 month he has had to split his time between their separate household, as they negotiate a custody agreement. Prior to the separation, sean;s biggest obstacle was his hearing impairment. He is currently enrolled in a self-contained classroom for the hearing impaired where the teachers and student are all fluent in ASL. Another risk factor has been the presence of chronically elevated lead levels. He has increasingly show aggression with his peers in situations where he is both provoked and not. Minor teasing by his classmate ends in physical fights. Being paired up with others to work on projects results in sean acting irritably and giving up. Lack of participation in the classroom has resulted in lack of enthusiasm for his homework. Thus, he is failing most of his classes. Last week Sean threw a chair at his tablemate and is now facing expulsion, as he has already been suspended twice. Realizing that Sean’s problems are much larger than he can handle, the school guidance counselor has referred Sean and his parents to you for further assessment, and treatment.
a brief description of the client’s characteristics that need to be considered before using a norm-referenced test, and explain why they are important. Then explain two potential impacts of using a particular psychological test with someone who might not be represented in a norm-group used to construct the test.

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