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Alexandre Dumas Pere was born in Villers-Cotterêts on 24 July, 1802. His father was Thomas Alexandre, died four years after his birth in 1806. Brought up by his mother, Marie Louise-Elizabeth Labouret. were said to be happy and he became a lawyer’s office boy when he left. In 1822 he met one of the leading French actors of the time, Talma, and planned his future career as a playwright, despite the fact that his earlier works had not been successful or, indeed, published
Although Alexandre Dumas wrote an incredible number of novels and became France’s most popular author of all time. Many of his novels dealt with the history of France, England, Spain and the surrounding countries. He used real life events for the backbone of his stories. If the real life event was not exciting enough, he would add his on little twst to it to make it more exciting to the reader. Many of his characters, including the famous Musketeers, were based on real people.
The first appearance of Les Trois Mousquetaires (The Three Musketeers) was shown in Le Sieclè from March to July. The next year Alexandre put out a sequel to Les Trois Mousquetaires, which was called Vingt Ans Après (Twenty Years After). The third and final part of his “Les Trois Mousquetaires” saga was presented from October 1847 until January 1850, although Dix Ans Plus Tard, ou Le Vicomte de Bragelonné (10 Years After, or The Vicomte de Bragelonné; sometimes entitled Bragelonné, or the Son of Athos) was so long that it is now published as three separate novels, Le Vicomte de Bragelonné, Louise de la Valliére and The Man in the Iron Mask.”
Alexandre died of a stock on December 5 1870. Shortly before his death, a group of Cuban cigar workers who had immigrated to the US contacted Dumas with the request that they wanted to honor him by using one of his characters to name a new cigar. He Agreed to let them and The Count Of Monte Cristo Cigar came into being. The name of one…

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