American Indian Educational Law & Leadership

American Indian Educational Law & Leadership.

Law Summaries and Court Case Briefings
submit law summaries and court case briefings for each American Indian education law and court case that is assigned.
All of the laws included in the chapter by Dr. Linda Sue Warner in Module 3 assigned readings.
Public Act 174. (1976).Waiver of Tuition for North American Indians (The Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver).
Public Law 99-298. (1985). To amend title 25, United States Code, relating to Indian education programs, and for other purposes.

Native CLASS Act (proposed).
Indian Education Court Cases
Quick Bear v. Leupp, 210 U.S. 50 (1908).

Matter of McMillan, 226 S.E.2d 693, 30 N.C. App. 235 (1976).

Children of the Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatomy Tribes v. The Regents of the University of Michigan, 305 N.W.2d 522, 104 Mich. App. 482 (1981).



American Indian Educational Law & Leadership

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