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There are two parts to this question. What is it about the characters in the work of Faulkner and O’Connor that qualifies them as "grotesques"? What is it that makes the so-called "innocence’ of characters like Thomas Supten and Mrs. McIntyre in "The Displaced Person" tragically ironic?
(I have gotten my wok done with you previously,My teacher liked the way you used appropriate examples to support your statements. your style of writing is v good. The only thing to be kept in mind is the what is the questions asking, It is in two parts so the essays should flow in such a way that both questions are answered in a smooth manner. Thank you.( any questions msg me This is my final exam question so this has to be very good, no grammatical or punctuation errors plz The content should be solid back up with examples from the novels the books most of the references should be from the novels. Less from outside source.

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