America’s Economic Growth Between 1866 and 1900

America’s Economic Growth Between 1866 and 1900

This period is also known as the Gilded Age. It is the period after the Civil War and it made a significant impact in the lives of the Americans. It is during this same period that the United States led Great Britain in manufacturing output. This was in 1800. Although the successes are clear. The circumstances, issues or activities leading to this great economic growth constitute the larger topic.

After the Civil War, Americans were ready to build the nation. They were therefore propelled to make many interventions and discoveries during this time, hence the term the Second Industrial Revolution. Through the development of railroads, communication and transport was highly improved. Bridges, mileage and stronger tracks that could handle stronger locomotives were all developed. This included the use of refrigeration railroad cars (Fishback 88). Other inventions included the electric wire, typewriter, phonograph and telephone. By 1900, carriages were rapidly being replaced by cars.

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