An experience in which you were pressured to conform to your community or obey an authority figure when to do so would go against your desires or morals.

(Write about actually I don’t want to finish university but this society told us to do so. Otherwise I cannot find a job or live better etc. I’m obeying the authority)

Introduction (1 paragraph, about 100-150 words): Your job here is to draw readers in and prepare them for your thesis. What important topic will your narrative address? What important question will it answer, and why should the

reader care about the story you’re about to tell? You may also want to define any important terms you will use in your essay.

Thesis: (1-2 sentences at the end of the introduction): The thesis should clearly state what your experience of conflict with community or authority taught you. Use your own specific experience to say something general about

community or authority. You can use the following template as a starting point:
o My experience with ____________ taught me that, in general, community/authority___________.

Body (3-4 paragraphs, about 500 words): This is where you tell the story of your experience. The story should illustrate the thesis. See “How To Write A Narrative” for more details about how to execute this narrative

successfully. Try to tell a story of a specific experience that spans a limited period of time; broad overviews of general experience will be less effective. Also, while the story of the conflict between you and the community or

authority is central, equally important is the story of how things ended up. Did you resolve the conflict? How? Did the conflict stay unresolved? What were the consequences or benefits of the experience?

Conclusion (1 paragraph, about 150-200 words): In your conclusion, analyze your narrative. Connect the narrative to the lesson you described in your thesis. Why did it teach you what it taught you? What parts of the experience

delivered the wisdom you took away from it?

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