Analyse the adverse affect of social trends and cultural views of today’s teenage students and the affect these have had on education and training.

Some considerations and directions for the essay:
1. Essay should focus on 16-19 year old students;
2. Include review of male and female students;
3. Consider both academic and trade training (high school and trade apprentices);
4. Impact of technology on teaching and training of students;
5. Identified shifts and changes in information delivery and impact this has had;
6. Consider work ethic and student expectations;
7. Consider changes in discipline within education system (how this is enforced);
8. Essay direction/summary : Essay should reflect that the content and quality of information and/or training has improved in the last 20-30yrs. However, the impact of social and cultural changes have also had negative implications and increased the complexity of the education and training environment; and
9. Use of 10 internet resource materials permitted (ensuring correct referencing of these)

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