Analytical on Joan Didions writing style

Analytical Essay on Joan Didions writing style
Paper instructions:
If you were to direct someone to write like Joan Didion, what would you say? How would you describe her approach carefully enough to encourage imitation? How would you support your description and model your description?

Write an analytical essay that proves a conclusive thesis about how Didion writes. Writing style involves… what? Voice? Vocabulary? Sentence structure? Choice of Topics? What else? A sense of what makes this writer unique (or at least idiosyncratic)?

My questions are meant to encourage your critical assessment and representation of how a specific writer characteristically writes; I mean “writes” in the broadest sense. I am assuming, of course, that this writer has a characteristic approach that may be gleaned from the selected essays that i have assigned.

the case if theresa schiavo by Joan Didion

(Modern American Prose pages 65 – 105)
(Modern American Prose pages 9 – 18)

I do not expect you to read beyond from the selected essays so it is preffered if you have the anthology modern american prose.

i do expect you to support your claim from at least four of the assigned essays. this means including representative quotations and paraphrases to illustrate your points.

Be sure to organize your essay by ideas and style characteristics, rather than Didion’s essays.

The topic setence should make a specific point about Didion’s writing style. The examples in each paragraph should come from at least two of the assigned essays. In other words, do not organize your body paragraphs by separating out her essays and focusing on one at a time. Synthesize the examples to illustrate the point of the paragraph. Intro paragraph must hook the reader and provide a good thesis sentence at the end of the intro.

You needn’t approve of or appreciate how Didion works; you Do need to demonstrate your careful analysis and direction.

standard essay format: doublespace, 12 pt times new romanm clear references, and one inch margins. please provide a works cited page and do not use “I” “you” or “we” in your writing.

may only pick people that have modern american prose anthology with them or can access it.


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