Analyze voice frequency using Matlab

Analyze voice frequency using Matlab

Order Description

You must produce a report based on the following tasks. You should discuss the detail procedure
of each task and critically evaluate all the results. Provide all the necessary blocks, diagrams and
screenshot of your results as evidence. Any figure without discussion is not acceptable and hence
will be awarded very low marks. Include only the important parts of code (with comments) in the
main body of the report and provide the complete Matlab code in Appendix.

1. Record your own voice and add a specified noise to the signal. Analyse the signals in
frequency domain.
2. Based on the analysis in (1), create a filter specification in order to recover the original
signal from the corrupted signal. Create the filter in Matlab and verify its frequency
3. Implement the filter to recover original signal. Compare the original signal with the
recover signal in both time and frequency domains.
4. Report structure, presentation, organisation and English.

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