Analyzing the Event



Topic: Analyzing the Event


International relations is a matter very volatile. At one moment, states can be peaceful, and in the next moment, an all out war can break out. International conflict normally is underpinned by the fact that states as politico- economic entities have interests. It is in the quest for these interests that nation states may come at logger heads with each other, causing a war. This unfriendly situation happens when one state blocks the way to the realization and acquisition of these interests. This paper anticipates America at the heart of a terrorist onslaught, probably at the hands of Hezbollah.

The kind of information each agency could provide

In most cases, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would provide information that touch on the logistics of the crime such as: the types of weapons used; other US allies and interests in danger of being hit; the specific persons that served as the main target of the attack; how to ensure counterproliferation of the weapons that had been used, among others.

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) on the other hand would issue closely akin type of information to the office of the president strategic plans that should be put in place in anticipation of another attack; Information- Technology plans that are to be set up for the same course; and how the information can be made accessible and be disseminated to the general public; and how fear can be deposed from the public.

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