Answe the questions

part A: 2 compulsory questions

1. refer to the group project, which one of the strategic components do u think was critical to the success for the company

Value proposition , sustainable competitive advantage, market position or capabilities

a.choose just one, and say why was it important

b. what were the actual gd features, ideas about it.

(You Will be found in the first week and second week)

2. the implementation and the formulation of the strategy are integrated

a. how do u think it’s integrated, illustrate with ur group project

(you will be find it week 10)

b. there are  4 steps of best practise implementation, elaborate & discuss the merits and limitations of this model.

Stage 1: Be very focused about the objectives, essence of the strategy, priorities

Stage 2: Allocate appropriate and sufficient resources (time, dollars, IT support, staff support, management priorities) to allow it to work

Stage 3: Manage the processes (doing tasks, decisions, Gant charts); cultural issues; get staff motivated; get buy-in from all stakeholders

Stage 4: Monitor the progress and keep on track (information systems, KPI measures)

(you will be find it week 11)



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