Araby by James Joyce

read Araby short story by James Joyce and write literary analysis about it.

For your essay, write a literary analysis on any of the course readings. Come up with a thesis statement or question and support/answer it in a 2-3 paged, double-

spaced, typed essay. Use specific examples from the text(s) to support your answers. Utilize proper MLA in-text citation and documentation guidelines. You should bring

in a stapled printed out copy and submit it on Blackboard as well. After the second week off classes please either meet with me or email me your essay idea, you must

first present it to the instructor for approval before beginning.

Qualities of an Excellent Paper
Title: brief yet illuminating, relevant, tone in keeping with the rest of the paper
•    identifies topic
•    states thesis
•    to the point
•    includes a direct reference to title and author
•    invites reading
•    appropriate tone to purpose
•    significant
•    clearly stated and precise
•    limited
•    debatable
Body Paragraphs
•    main points clearly stated
•    smooth and logical transitions between and within paragraphs
•    general point made specific through reference to text
•    quotations smoothly incorporated and thoroughly analyzed, showing relevance to and support for main points
•    concluding sentence ties to thesis
•    grows naturally from preceding paragraphs
•    explains significance of thesis
•    provides a sense of completion
•    ideas developed in proportion to their significance
•    logical and climactic arrangement of paragraphs
•    order is appropriate to thesis
•    unpretentious
•    definite, focused, cohesive
•    shows that writer has given careful thought to the topic
•    well-nourished with specific supports
•    relies on careful analysis of text
•    developed through specific details and mature interpretations
•    shows independent thinking, unusual insights or perspective
Control of Written Language
•    fluent expression
•    sentences controlled for rhetorical purposes
•    each sentence has a logical relationship to surrounding sentences and fits smoothly into its context
•    variety of sentence lengths and patterns
•    precise and fresh word choice
•    natural and appropriate diction level
•    meaning emphasized through creative effects [use of figurative language, sonic devices, parallel structure, etc.] when useful and appropriate
•    uses present tense
•    no errors in mechanics and usage

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