Art and architecture around the world

  On Friday night, November 12th, I attended the lecture about Art and Architecture around the world, given by Dr. Irini Vallera-Rickerson. Being that I am very interested in both art and architecture, I was very excited to see different cultures’ forms of these subjects. Dr. Irini Vallera-Rickerson had the goal of filling the Robert B. Moore Theater in order to raise $10,000 for many helpful causes, including AIDS awareness…and her goal was definitely achieved. The theater was full of many different people and their families, including students, teachers, and community members. The lecture began with an informative discussion about AIDS and how it affects the people around the world, and our community. There were many new and interesting facts and statistics concerning this matter, some being a bit saddening, while others were more hopeful and optimistic for the future of those infected with the disease. Soon, Dr. Vallera-Rickerson took the stage as our tour guide around the world of art and architecture within different eras and cultures. Some main focuses of the lecture were sites in Greece, Italy, Spain, and a few in America. The most interesting to me were the creations of the Spanish artist and architect, Antonio Gaudi, whose masterpieces were breathtaking. His works were so creative and odd, and he added great detail that presented such a unique style. Every piece of art I saw that night was amazing, and I would recommend everyone to attend one of these special events; it is definitely worth it. Anyone who enjoys any type of art, travel, entertainment, or just helping out the community shouldn’t miss out on this insightful presentation.

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