Arts venue

Arts venue.

The problem

The decrease of late night creative arts venues in Sydney can be seen as a somewhat direct implication of the lockout laws. With this decrease in venues the members of the creative arts industry and its audience struggle to find a place where they can express themselves, socialise and appreciate the talent of others.

Why the problem matters

The decrease of late night creative arts venues and the implications of the lockout laws is a problem that matters as the creative arts industry plays a key part in the lifestyle and culture of most Sydney residents and also to the cultural tourism sector. 58% of cultural tourists visit museums and art galleries and 20% attend theatres, concerts or other performing arts1.

Our solution

Our solution to this problem is the creation of a warehouse style venue in the Waterloo area which would incorporate a museum, art gallery, theatre and live music venue. It would also contain a food & beverage outlet which would function as a café by day and casual dining space by night with a focus on cocktails and wine. The creative art space would provide the opportunity for both upcoming and established artists to exhibit or perform their work.

How does the solution work

Our solution will work by incorporating the various parts of the creative arts industry into one large space, thereby creating a venue where people can go without having to leave to go to another. As our venue will be located outside of the lockout zone it would have the ability to trade on a night club license thereby having the ability to obtain a multi-occasion extended trading authorisation, which would allow for the venue to stay open past midnight.

What impact does the solution have on the problem/how innovative is it

Our solution is set to have a positive impact on the currently existing problem as it will provide a safe space for people of the creative arts industry and its audience to visit. Although the idea of wanting to create a late night venue outside the lockout zone is not a new one, it is innovative in a way that it will not be a nightclub venue filled with young people – it will be a venue for people who enjoy art, theatre and live music whilst relaxing and socialising where the possibility of dining will be available to them.



Modern Museum – opened platform for emerging and traditional Artists to showcase their work and ideas, opened in non-lockout law locations (targets our main issue of the lock-out laws).

Open 1 big venue in Waterloo then eventually expand to a number of branches when it becomes popular.

We can be innovative in the activities and architecture designed involved inside the Museum, so this won’t look like the contemporary Museum we all know of, there will be activities and hangout venues – all designed by the artists we selected to showcase their innovation. For example, the bar that we have opened at night to target young adults to mature adults, will be designed in a way that showcases the creativity of the artists.

Activities – we can see similarly at the Macquarie Park shopping Centre in North Sydney at the Laser Room. People have to pay to enter the room and will have to solve all sorts of puzzles to exit the room. – That’s where the idea came from in regards to the activities. – This will target more Gen Y, however during the daytime we can design activities for families and kids.

Marketing can be an unconscious method through the designs of our venue instead of the usual marketing methods – the visitors won’t even know it is a marketing method;

This modern museum acts as a form of:

  • Educating the Sydney community about the Creative Arts ideas;
  • A Tourist destination to promote Sydney’s artists;
  • Marketing for the industry;
  • Generate more income for Australia’s economy through international visitors;


Funding – different brands sponsoring for us to market their brand, partnering with businesses through negotiations & using government funding  (helps the economy as well by showcasing  the work of Australian Artists, which builds on the reputation of Australian Creative Art’s Industry).



  • there will be a venue hire fee and catering costs if people hire the spaces for events
  • we rent the space but if someone wants to hire a space within our venue we charge them for their event
  • if someone wants to have a function like a dinner they can rent a part of the warehouse for a price


Arts venue

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