Assessment of a reading comprehension case study 5th grade.

Assessment of a reading comprehension case study 5th grade..

The purpose of this project is to take the case study and examine the process and the outcomes of the evaluation of one curriculum. Your paper should include the following sections:

Describe the case study’s educational setting and social situation.
Identify the curriculum evaluation model(s) used in the case study.
Identify assessment tools used to evaluate the curriculum. Describe how these tools were implemented. Try to answer the following questions:
Who selected the assessment tools?
What assessment tools were used?
Who used the assessment tools?

Where were the assessment tools used (e.g., classrooms, hallways, labs)?
How often were the tools used (e.g., twice a week over a period of 3 months)?
Did the tools fit the model? Would you suggest other tools needed for measuring the aspects of the curriculum being evaluated?
Summarize the evaluation’s outcomes and any recommendations made in the evaluation. Would you include other recommendations that came from the same data that was collected by the assessment tools?
Would you suggest more analysis of the curriculum and, if so, what aspects of the curriculum would need additional analysis?
Would you suggest a different evaluation model for this curriculum and setting and, if so, why?
Grading Criteria

Focus on assessments tools and why they are important. Discuss which ones were used in the curriculum and the outcomes.

Assessment of a reading comprehension case study 5th grade.

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