Assignment: Contemporary/Historical Case Study

Assignment: Contemporary/Historical Case Study.

Assignment: Contemporary/Historical Case Study

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Topic: Students are to choose either an historical or contemporary Humanitarian Crisis/Intervention other than those Case Studies used in the lectures in this unit (Weeks 7-13). That is, students cannot choose the following as the subject of their Case Study: Syria, Rwanda, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), and Haiti.

This crisis may be the result of a conflict between Nation States or cultural conflict within a Nation State; or the result of a natural disaster.

It is important to note all humanitarian crises whether the result of war or natural disaster contain an element of conflict � either as being the instigator of the crisis or as part of the response to the crisis. Consequently all case studies are required to � describe issues of diplomacy and mediation in conflict resolution situations; identify, examine and critique actions of the State, Business and Third Sectors during humanitarian crises and community development initiatives; design a needs based program related to peace making and peace building.

In their case study students must ensure they address these 3 aspects of their chosen case.
1. Students must succinctly describe the humanitarian crisis clearly articulating its cause(s) and magnitude. Care needs to be taken to avoid too much description. This section should be the smallest of the 3 aspects.
2. Critical analysis of the actions by the State, Business and Third Sectors during the crisis and subsequent community development initiatives is an absolute requirement and should be the largest aspect of the work.
3. Critically evaluate the appropriateness of the responses of the parties involved.
It is also expected that the work will contain both a brief introduction and conclusion.

Assignment: Contemporary/Historical Case Study

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