AU3S058-Research In Professional Practice

Qualitative Paper

These questions relate to the paper:

Sjögren Forss, K., Nilsson, J. & Borglin, G. Registered nurses’ and older people’s experiences of participation in nutritional care in nursing homes: a descriptive qualitative study. BMC Nurs 17, 19 (2018) doi:10.1186/s12912-018-0289-

Short questions

1) In the study by Forss, Nilsson and Borglin (2018) semi-structured interviews were used to collect data. How did the authors establish the credibility of this method of data collection for their study?

2) Choosing one of the themes identified by the study authors, evaluate the process the authors  adopted to identify this theme, determine its accuracy and present their findings.

3) The aim of this study was to illuminate the experience of participating in nutritional care form the perspectives of older people and registered nurses. Evaluate whether the method chosen and the findings presented enabled the authors to give a clear answer to their aim.

Quantitative Paper

These questions relate to the paper: Cossette, S., Vadeboncoeur, A., Frasure-Smith, N., McCusker, J., Perreault, D., & Guertin, M. (2015). Randomized controlled trial of a nursing intervention to reduce emergency department revisits. CJEM, 17(1), 13-20. doi:10.2310/8000.2013.131291

Short questions 

4)In this study, the trial was stopped due to futility. What other reasons would a trial be stopped? 

5) What do you consider to be the main limitations in this study (15 marks)

6) Critically evaluate the intervention used in this study with specific reference to its perceived effectiveness

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