1. We create artistically and even scientifically based on those things we know, that are familiar, and that which we understand. Choose three organisms from avatar and describe what earth based organisms acted as a template. You must have, at minimum, two template examples per organism.

2. Create a taxonomic chart using six creatures from the Avatar movie. Include the Na’vi, Prolemuris, Thanator, Viper Wolf and two organisms of your choice. Explain your classifications by reflecting on their evolutionary relationships.

3. Analyze the traits of the Direhorse, Na’vi, and Hammerhead Titanthere. Which traits would be naturally selected and why? Which traits would natural selection work against and why? What evolutionary inconsistencies do you recognize?

4. As we gain knowledge, it is important to use our critical thinking skills to both assimilate the information and to apply it. Information and even entertainment are not without bias. What agenda or bias did you recognize in the movie? Examine how the Na’vi’s ecological footprint is depicted and compare that to their actual impact if they existed. What feedback loops would they possibly impact? Give at least two examples.


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