Big Science Science Fiction

Big Science Science Fiction.

Big Science Science Fiction

The Postwar Era saw an explosion in the realm of publically funded science projects across the globe, leading to the development of Big Science. Using the following examples explored by the required sources:
• The Manhattan Project
• NASA/Space Science
• The Human Genome Project
• CERN Large Hadron Collider

•Evaluate the role of Big Science with regard to the larger scientific endeavor and its importance to the popularization of science.

•Compare and contrast the cultural impact of two of the aforementioned Big Science projects.

As a genre, science fiction often incorporates visions of utopia, dystopia, or uneasiness regarding the role of science within society. Pick any two examples of science fiction in any type of media

discuss if and how these themes are present.

If the predominant themes of either of the stories are different, postulate the social and cultural significance of the themes, based upon the story narratives and their publication dates.
Describe the structure of a range of biologically important molecules and how structure enables function.

Proteins perform a wide range of essential functions in living things. This is due to their ability to fold into a specific shape, and, often, to their ability to alter their shape in a controlled and predetermined way. Protein structure is the key to their function.

Describe the roles of proteins found in cell membranes.

Describe how enzymes are able to act as biological catalysts.

explain how the structures of fibrous and globular proteins allow them to perform their required functions.
Describe the diversity of micro-organisms

Discuss the diversity of micro-organisms indicating the multitude of roles they play managing life

Big Science Science Fiction

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