BIO416 Biomedical Research Ethics

BIO416 Biomedical Research Ethics


1. Explain the relative importance of the rules you identify.

2. To identify a principle, policy, etc., explain the item in about a paragraph. Describe the item specifically and concisely by outlining who, what, when, and where (or as many of these aspects that are appropriate for the item you’re discussing.) Discuss in 1-2 sentences the significance of the item for analyzing your case. Also, explain the relative importance of the laws, principles, policies, etc. that you identify.

Again, remember, your response will not be a full argument analyzing the case or proposing a course of action.You’re focusing on one aspect in a full analysis. Your job is to describe the standards, norms, and laws are relevant to the case and to tell us why they are relevant. In brief, what rules are at play in this case? Why? Which are most important?


You are beginning a new postdoctoral position at the same time that your mentor is moving her laboratory into a new building. She is obsessive about animal care and wants to ensure that the colony of animals to be established in the new facility is healthy. You are assigned the task of developing a system of “sentinel” animals to monitor the health status of all new incoming shipments of animals as well those in the established animal colony. You establish a system that involves the euthanizing of selected animals on a regular basis and screening for the presence of specific pathogens by a contract laboratory. Because the animals are not being used for research, do you have to submit a protocol to the IACUC to cover these activities? What policies or codes form the basis for your answer?

BIO416 Biomedical Research Ethics

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