BIOL1010 Biology

BIOL1010 Biology

Define childhood vaccinations OR Define what are GMO5 (Genetically Modified Organisms)  

You will get to do ONE of the choices (as instructed) and use at least 2 current scientific sources (journals or magazine articles) and you will explain:

1) The history of vaccine/GMO introductions

2) Reasons behind (with some statistics on infant and childhood mortality/disfigurement in at least 2 countries — Canada and any other) or (statistics on where are GMOs used rnost, why and on what crops; harvest comparisons with non-GMO crops)

3) What is most current news with the rates of vaccinations and herd immunity in the world (include statistics too) or what is the current trend about using GMO crops (governments vs social media/public),

4) Whole assignment has to be at least 3 paragraphs long , with in-text citations and referencing following APA format (see APA Conestoga for how to cite/reference)

BIOL1010 Biology

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