BIOS222-Pathology And Clinical Science

BIOS222-Pathology And Clinical Science


Review the clinical cases given below and identify one likely disease condition that the patient could be suffering from.

Clinical Case A

Ms. Strube, a 54-year-old accountant, is referred to the rheumatology department with a 6- month history of painful hands. She developed mild pain in several small joints of both hands which deteriorated over a few weeks to profound pain and marked stiffness, particularly in the morning. Her pain in the hands is getting extremely severe now. She has also complaints of pain in her knee joints for the last few months. Due to her knee pain it is becoming hard for her getting in and out of chairs. Her general practitioner has prescribed diclofenac tablets which are of minimal benefit.

She admits of drinking up to 20 units of alcohol a week and smokes 15-20 cigarettes per day. On inspection, she is obese and has marked swelling of several proximal interphalangeal joints in both her hands. Her both knee joints are swollen too.

Clinical Case B:

Ms. Hill, A 34 year old female, presents with gradual onset of weakness, fatigue and lethargy. She has had marked unintentional weight loss in last 3 months. Three months ago, she weighed 84 kg, now she weighs 69 kg. She admits that she has been extremely stressed physically and mentally for the past 3 months as she has lost her job. She thinks that she has missed her menstrual periods due to her extreme stress that has not appeared for last 3 months. Normally her menstrual cycles are regular with 28 days interval. 

She also complains of infrequent headaches and general muscle weakness over the past 3 months. She has noticed that she feels very weak all the time and her stamina has reduced significantly. She has been struggling to perform her house hold duties in recent months, even becoming dizzy and nearly fainting a few times

She states of change in her dietary habits in recent months. She is becoming very conscious about her food choices as she frequently gets diarrhoea. She also feels nauseous and most food tastes bland to her. She has started using more salt and sugar than usual while cooking to feel the taste. Her thirst has increased recently and she has to use the female’s room more often. 

For your chosen likely disease diagnosis of each of the cases, select at least one of the learning areas from below. You may select the same learning area/s for both the diseases or select different area/s Learning areas: ƒ Aetiology ƒ Risk factors ƒ Pathophysiology ƒ Clinical signs and symptoms ƒ Diagnostic measures (Clinical examination or investigation)

Conduct a web search (on databases/open access journals etc.) to locate one full text credible journal article (primary or secondary) for each of the chosen disease diagnosis. Your article must address your selected learning area/s

Write a review on each of your selected article in 750 words to generate updated knowledge on your chosen learning area. 

BIOS222-Pathology And Clinical Science

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