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Subject – Cyber Law
a group project, which is about writing a research about Bitcoin.Suggested Paper Structure:n1.
Introduction to Crypto-Currency (general concept) n2. History of Bitcoin – n3. Process to Obtain Bitcoin – n4.
Impact (positive) and Problems of Bitcoin ? THAT IS MY PARTn5. Current Legal Problems, Statutes, and Issues of Bitcoin – nnAs it appears above on number 4 that is my part. just start writing on my part no need for introduction, but if you want to write a short introduction for my topic, which is again Impact (positive) and Problems of Bitcoin that is fine. Additionally, I will upload a word file which will help more to understand the group project. Also, the same file has some sources that might help you to write this paper, but if the sources does not work you free to use other sources but please make sure all of the sources are online sources, which means sites. nnplease no less than 2 pages and a half.

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