Madeline Leininger—Transcultural Nursing Theory

Group 1 Membership and Assigned Theorist: Madeline Leininger—Transcultural Nursing Theory

1.  Packet of Materials

A packet of materials should be posted to the Discussion Area for peer critique and submitted to the Submissions Area. The packet should include a detailed outline of the PowerPoint presentation and a one-page summary of each of five relevant articles on or about the theory and at the top of the page should have the complete reference in APA format. It should also include any handouts, such as charts, diagrams, or definitions, which will facilitate understanding of the PowerPoint presentation and the theory itself.

Packet Requirements:

·  Post “packet of materials and PowerPoint presentation to the Week 4 discussion area for peer critique

o   5 – 1-page summaries of 5 articles (articles included primary, secondary, and research sources).

o  A one-page summary of a relevant article on the theory or its application is needed.  The top of each summary should have the complete reference in APA format.

o  Select article from a published a peer reviewed, scholarly journal (5-year-old or less unless it is a primary article from the theorist)

o  It should also include any handouts, such as charts, diagrams, or definitions, which will facilitate understanding of the PowerPoint presentation and the theory itself.

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Industry experts believe blockchain is a technology that has the potential to affect the business of most IT professionals in the next five years. Pick an industry you feel will be most affected by blockchain and how blockchain may be used in that industry. As an IT manager, how would you embrace blockchain? For instance, how would training occur for your team, what strategies might you use, what security methods may you recommend be used?

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

Be approximately four to six pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.

Follow APA6 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.

Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook. The UC Library is a great place to find resources.

Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.


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Week 3:Adaptive Training/ learning technology

Adaptive Training

Adaptive training refers to training that customizes or adapts the content presented to trainees based on their learning style, ability, personality, or performance. These adaptations include the variety, difficulty, and sequencing of content as well as practice problems. In adaptive training, instruction changes based on trainees’ scores on tests or quizzes completed either before training or at various times as they experience training. This assessment results in adaptations of the content to best help the trainee learn. Although trainers strive to meet the individual needs of learners, this can be difficult using face-to-face training methods. Online training makes it easier to use ongoing assessments to identify the most effective instructional pathways for learners. The major challenge in developing adaptive training is to ensure that the different content customizations match learners’ needs and help them attain the learning objectives.

For example, LearnSmart is an interactive and adaptive study tool that is used in some college courses. Based on their performance on quizzes throughout the course, students are directed to practice exercises and sections of onlinetextbooks they need to read. LearnSmart is designed to help students better use their study time, as well as improve their retention, their recall of the material, and their grades. Aristocrat Technologies, a gaming machine manufacturer, has replaced online learning courses for its repair technicians with adaptable microlearning modules. The modules are sent to their phones so they can review the content between their jobs and answer short quiz questions. The system uses their quiz scores to learn what they know (and don’t know) and uses this information to choose what content to send them next. Technicians have to master each module twice before they can move on to another module. Technicians’ success rates on the modules are tracked, which allows the learning manager to identify where they might need more additional training. For example, the learning manager saw that the majority of technicians were having difficulty correctly answering a set of questions related to meter-reading, which is a skill they are expected to learn on the job. The meter-reading scores were found to be related to error rates on the job, suggesting a knowledge gap that needed to be corrected. As a result, the learning manager added a meter-reading course for all new hires.

Adaptive training also includes intelligent tutoring systems that use artificial intelligence. Air Methods, a company that provides medical transportation using helicopters, implemented a cloud-based learning system that uses artificial intelligence to adapt to each helicopter pilot’s topic knowledge based on how they perform on quizzes and games. If the pilot is not scoring well on the quizzes for a particular training module, the system will present information in a new way and retest the pilot before he or she can move to the next training module. The use of adaptive training has saved training costs by eliminating 50 percent of the company’s in-person instructor-led training courses and reducing the training time required by new pilots as part of the onboarding process.

Based on the above information, recall a recent training class that you have successfully completed. (Or, if your recent training class was quite awhile back, select a favorite one that you remember.)

Considering this training event, did it use an adaptive training methodology? If so, what were the positive aspects of the training? Why? What were the negative aspects of the training? Why?

If this training event did not use an adaptive training methodology, how could the training session have been improved through the use of such a method? Why? What would be your recommendations? Why? Consider as a part of your response completing the following sentence. “If this training course was mine to design, present and facilitate, I would…”

Provide your initial response in an audio format or a video format (Make use of Kaltura). Then, your remaining two responses may be text-based. Remember, your remaining responses must be on different days in order to earn full credit.

Adapted from: Noe, R. A. (2020). Employee Training & Development. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) pp. 373-374.


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Discussion 3

Search “” for a company or school that has reported issues, problems, concerns about their backup procedures. Discuss the issue of securing backups. There have been several incidents lately in which backup media containing personal customer information were lost or stolen. How should backup media be secured? What about off-site storage of backups? 

250 words with APA format.


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The Systems Development Environment

Read the following – Answer the question asked at the end with an external reference citing APA. These are two different questions. Please use USA references.

1. The systems development life cycle (SDLC) and the potential sourcing options of software go hand-in-hand. The SDLC is a traditional approach to developing a new system or enhancing an old system. The first step is planning which establishes the need for a new system to assist with some process within the company. This is followed by analysis which sets the requirements that the new system needs to meet in order to accomplish its intended purpose. This system is then designed both logically and physically to ensure that it will be able to complete its function correctly. The following steps include the implementation and maintenance of the IS system. There are many sources that a company can look to when looking to create a new IS system. Outsourcing is the most popular source which involves using another organization to develop and run your companies IT applications. This frees up time and resources for internal IT personnel and allows the systems to be created faster and potentially more efficiently. If a company does choose to outsource their IT development, this alters their SDLC dramatically as another company is completing a majority of the steps. However, the company that is outsourcing the IT still needs to follow some of the SDLC steps to ensure that the system they are choosing to outsource will still complete the function they want it to.

So that poses the question: If a company chooses to outsource the development of a new system, how does the outsourcing process change the company’s SDLC?


2.Systems development methodology is a standard process followed in an organization to conduct all the steps necessary to analyze, design, implement, and maintain information systems.

While, Systems development life cycle (SDLC) is the traditional methodology used to develop, maintain, and replace information systems.

Based on the above definitions, is it fair to say that Systems development life cycle (SDLC) is the larger scope of software development where Systems development methodology’s steps analyze, design, implement are covered under the first step of SDLC i.e. develop ?


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Vail resort case study( 3 small questions only)

Please provide Twitter Like summaries of the following questions (280 Character limit per question):

1. Conduct a SWOT Analysis for Vail Resorts, Inc.

2. Conduct a Five Forces Analysis of Vail Resorts (indicate high or low strength of each force)

3. Which of Porters 5 Forces increase the intensity of rivalry?  Which decrease it?


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Read please Read!!!! I am in my Master degree program.  APA must be on point.  I am getting my Master.  APA must be formatting right.  Don’t Bid if you don’t know APA.

Think about a leader you admire. This individual might be a famous contemporary leader, someone from history, someone from your family, or someone with whom you have worked. The primary concern is that the individual has demonstrated traits that you feel like make him or her a great leader.

Reflect on this persons character and leadership skills utilizing the trait approach and write a paper discussing your thoughts and conclusions. This could be how you believe he or she developed leadership skills, how the traits affected his or her life and others lives, or how his or her traits defined him or her.

Then, compare the traits you identified in that person to an honest assessment of your own traits. Do you feel you also possess any of those traits? Are there any traits you identified that you would like to develop or improve? How would this benefit you or others?

Your reflection paper must be at least three pages in full length, not counting the title and reference pages. You must use at least one scholarly resource other than the textbook to support your reflection. All sources must be properly cited. Your reflection paper, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.

APA is a critical part of graduate studies, so this course will require you to practice your APA formatting skills. The following link is a great resource in the Waldorf Online Library that can assist you with APA formatting:

The leader I pick will be my Grandmother Ida Porter, she was a 5th grade school teacher for 30 years.  She taught English, spelling, and Science.  And was also a church leader for many decades.  

Reference:  Northouse, P. G. (2019). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


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Company Analysis – CVS Healthcare

CVS Health Corporation  – A Company Analysis

After reading assigned chapters, as well as the Guide to Case Analysis , Research and Writing Requirements, and Ratio Analysis Table in the Week 2 Course Content, students should then create a company analysis of CVS Healthcare.

The student must do original research on CVS Healthcare corporation. ( A minimum of 5 completely different and credible sources are required and NO SOURCE CAN BE OVER 1 YEAR OLD (older sources will not count for this part of the assignment requirements). Students are encouraged to use more than the 5 current sources. References without in-text citations to them will be counted for the submission.

When writing this paper students cannot use a source more than 2 times in a row for a paragraph (see Fundamental Writing Issues in the Week 2  Writing sub-module for this and further tips).  In this example the third usage or sentence in a row will be considered plagiarism and the entire submission will receive a zero.  All assertions that students make must be supported in this submission and accompanied by an in-text citation to a reference listed source. If you do not support your analysis and recommendations using appropriate citation the entire submission will receive a zero.  High similarity scores in Turnitin will also receive a zero.

Students need to answer the following questions in their company analysis:

1.  Chapter 1 – 4

Identify the specific methods CVS Healthcare Inc  is using to enable their strategy and explain how it has evolved over the past couple years.  Do they have a winning competitive strategy for their industry or not?

2.  Chapter 4 *See Ratio Analysis Table*

You are to apply five types of ratios (i.e. profitability, liquidity, leverage, activity, and market) and consider past three years in this analysis.  Conduct further research on this company and their industry in order to get their most recent financial reports.  Students need to select and calculate at least five (5) financial ratios, one from each of the five different types or subgroups, to assess how well the CVS Healthcare strategy is working compared to two major competitors.  Students must clearly show their work for these calculations and explain how these results impacted understanding of whether their strategy is winning or not.

3.  Chapter 5

Examine the five competitive strategy options (low cost, broad differentiation, focused low cost, focused differentiation, and best cost). Which strategy does CVS Healthcare use? Provide at least 3 decisions that the company uses that explains your strategy choice. In competitive situations sometimes companies need to change their strategy. This may happen to your company in the simulation. Indicate at least 3 key decisions that would be needed to move CVS Healthcare to two different strategies.  For example, lets say you determined they currently use a low cost strategy.  What specifically should the company implement to move to say a best cost and/or focused differentiation strategy?

4.  Overall

Considering your research and analysis from Question 1 through 3, what specific recommendations would you make to CVS Healthcare Board of Directors to improve their competitive position?  Be specific with at least 3 strategic improvements (consider financing, marketing, and operating decisions), the estimated impact they would have on the companys goals/objectives, and prepare a plan to implement the recommended improvements over the next year.

These company questions require students to evaluate how to apply the Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 reading in the company analysis. Students need to apply the Guide to Case Analysis concepts and Research and Writing Requirements in their research and answers to these questions. This submission requires an APA paper with all sources cited and referenced appropriately using credible and current research


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Scholar Practitioner Project Public Health (ADVANCED ANALYSIS OF SECONDARY DATA SPSS


Due 1/20/2020  4 p.m EST

Be on time & Original & Grad Level Work

Please read directions CAREFULLY


Project: Scholar Practitioner Project

This week, you submit the next portion of your Scholar Practitioner Project. Use the techniques of data manipulation such as merging, transposing data, and creating new variables. Create a database that can be used to answer your proposed research questions completely. Please remember to incorporate your Instructors feedback from your data analysis plan before you submit your database.

For this Assignment, use your selected data set for your Scholar Practitioner Project and enter it into your SPSS program. You may manipulate the data in Excel and then convert them to a format for your statistical software needs.

Apply techniques of data manipulation to prepare analysis data to answer your research question. RESEARCH QUESTION (Are people living in poverty more likely affected by obesity?)

Define the variable names and categories.


Note from Professor

For last week and this week, students will be required to submit the SPSS databases for review.  The databases need to be in .sav format for me to be able to bring up on my SPSS software.  It will also be necessary to have files in a zip folder when submitting into the assignment section due to the size of the documents.  If no databases are submitted there will be a grade of 0 since the assignment requires the database(s) to be reviewed.  


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Case 3 ITM 540


Groupware is software that was developed to support teams by providing team members with powerful and convenient ways to schedule their interactions, communicate with each other, and record and update group output. Another (less catchy) name for computer supported collaborative work (CSCW) is computer supported teamwork. Much of the early research in this area was focused on understanding the complex relationships between the social aspects of teamwork and the technical features of groupware and looking for ways to improve the quality both of the teamwork and the groupware. In more recent years, economists have begun to examine groupware and CSCW as well in the interest of determining efficient methods of organizing cooperative work and using groupware.

Here are a couple of good introductory articles on the special problems of databases used to support group applications:

Heer, J. Viegas, F. B., and Wattenburg, M. (2009).  Voyagers and voyeurs: Supporting asynchronous collaborative visualization. Communications of the ACM, 52(1), 87-97.

Nistor, C. and Nistor, R. (2006).  Groupware- modern information managerial method, Marketing & Management, 95-100. ISSN 1841 – 2416

But the fact remains that many groupware applications and the data that support them are improvised or otherwise knocked together:

Microsoft (2011). CSCW in Microsoft research group. Enabling cross-lingual conversation in real time:

Case Assignment

Having read about computer-supported work groups, describe the latest software to support the computer-supported work groups. Describe how information is shared across the groups and what databases they use to support this collaborative work. Focus your response on global corporations and how they manage projects where members of the collaborative work group could be separated by many time zones and have to deal with different cultures and different languages.

Your paper should be between three and five pages. Take a definite stand on the issues, and develop your supporting argument carefully. Using material from the background information and any other sources you can find to support specific points in your argument is highly recommended; try to avoid making assertions for which you can find no support other than your own opinion.

Your paper is to be structured as a point/counterpoint argument, in the following manner.

  • Begin this paper by stating your position on this question clearly and concisely
  • Citing appropriate sources, present the reasons why you take this position. Be sure to make the most effective case you can.
  • Then present the best evidence you can, again citing appropriate sources, against your position — that is, establish what      counterarguments can be made to your original position.
  • Finally, review your original position in light of the counterarguments, showing how they are inadequate to rebut your original statement.   By the end of your paper, you should be able to unequivocally re-affirm your original position.


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