BMS2515-Clinical Sciences

Case Scenario:

A 46 year old primary school teacher with a past medical history of celiac disease presented to her local GP complaining of feeling tired and increasingly forgetful. She attributes her fatigue to “too much work at school”. The patient complains of overall muscle aches and stiffness around her neck. She has been gaining weight despite several attempts to control her diet. She reports being plagued with multiple illnesses- sore throats, shingles, toothaches and gum bleeding for the past six months. She is frequently constipated, her skin and hair feel drier.

For this assignment, you will take the role of the physician and through answering the questions below, you will offer your reader an overview of the disease and a justification for diagnosing the case as Hashimoto thyroiditis


1- Define hypothyroidism and mention its common causes

2- Describe the general clinical presentation of hypothyroidism and relate to the physiologicalrole of thyroid hormones 

3- Interpret the current clinical presentation and assess the available test results arguing the case for the current diagnosis and highlighting the significance of the given tests and information. (Your answer should include evidence derived from the history, signs and symptoms as well as the test results)

4- Describe the nature of the condition known as “Hashimoto thyroiditis” highlighting its prevalence and pathogenesis

5- Indicate the most suitable treatment available for this patient based on your understanding of the disease.

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