Break even analysis

Break even analysis.



I want a break even analysis for my client company I attached excel sheet that has the average of the birthday party, classes and road trip in a monthly basis. Also, I attached word document on their member ship and I want re price for them if you see the excel sheet I wrote some other maker spaces that are the role model for them to get sense of their prices of their member ship and compare it to them they are three company. Finally, I attached their fixed costs and how much they take for birthday parties and road trips and classes all of them in the attachments. They do not have variable cost only labor or if they want to do for trips materials. Their fixed costs provide are in years I want them in month. I want all of them in excel sheet and for the member ships give me in word doc. Also, I want one-word doc to write all the details how did you do the break-even analysis . I did just 20% and I stopped maybe you will see it in the excel sheet to the break-even analysis. The trips and classes for the academy and the pay rent 1500 month to their company. I know it is a lot of information but if you have any question feel free to ask me please. You can also search for other maker spaces to see their member ship prices.

Break even analysis

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