BS6052 Department Of Health And Human Sciences

BS6052 Department Of Health And Human Sciences

1. Briefly explain the roles of MHC class I and II molecules in antigen presentation to Tcells.     

2, Interferons are produced after viral infections:

a) Name the type(s) of cells which produce interferon a

b) How can interferons inhibit viral replication?

c) Why are interferons NOT effective in viral therapy?

4. Make diagrams illustrating two types of simple viral structure and give a named example for each type.

5. What is a zoonosis?

6. In the case of Influenza A virus:

a) What is the form of nucleic acid, which encodes the viral genome?

b) What key enzyme is required for replication of the viral genome?

c) Explain the phenomena that give rise to

(i)Epidemic viruses
(ii)Pandemic viruses

d) What are the consequences of these phenomena for influenza vaccines?

7. Give an example of:

a) a subunit vaccine

b) an attenuated vaccine

8. Name three families of DNA viruses, and give one example of each.

9. Briefly explain the basis for the Baltimore classification scheme for viruses.
8. The UK currently has a vaccination programme to combat infection by poliovirus

a) What is the rational for the vaccination programme?

b) What type of virus is poliovirus?

c) How is the virus transmitted?

d) What is the site of viral infection?

e) What is the name of the disease caused by poliovirus and what are the  symptoms?

Answer one of the following questions:

1.Briefly review the genetic and non-genetic interactions that can occur between viruses in superinfected cells and comment on how such interaction can affect the host immune response.

Evaluate the host humoral and cellular defence responses against viral infection.

2.With reference to a NAMED example give an account of the structure and replication of a DNA virus.

3.Discuss the use of antiretroviral drugs in the control of HIV, paying  particular attention to the mechanism of drug action on virus replication.

Comment on the success of such drugs in human drug trials.

BS6052 Department Of Health And Human Sciences

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