Appex Case

read the Appex corp case then write a one page on how does the analysis of the case apply to the organization where you work or have worked in the past?, The Company I work for is NutraMed, visit the site so you can know what type of company it is Also my title is director of sales and marketing.

You have to tie it to this Model Designing an Organizational Structure, which are: First,Division of
Labor: the process of dividing work into relatively specialized advantages of specialization. secound, Authority: the process by which authority in an organization, Third:Departmentalization: The manner in which an organization is structurally divided. Some of the more publicized dividions are by function, territory, product, customer, and project. Forth Span of Control: The number of subordinates reporting to a superior. The span is a factor that affects the shape and hieght of an organizational structure.

keep this in mind to answear What are the implications of what you have learned for your practice as a manager?

You need to tie the analysis of the case with the model then you write the implication for mangerplease be entirely clear what insights the Designing an
Organization Structural model gave you on the experience.

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