Business Client Report

Business Client Report

This assessment is closely related to the case you worked on for Assessment 2. In this assessment, students will develop a comprehensive Neuropsychological Report for the client they observed in Assessment 2. Points to cover will include relevant history and background, results by cognitive domain (not by test), clinical impressions, neuropsychological treatment recommendations, recommended multi-disciplinary investigations and treatment options.

*There will be a video on eLearning to help you with this task.
Assessment 3 marking criteria
Case presentation and history (300 words) /10
Provides a thorough description of the patient’s presenting symptoms/issues and any relevant additional history, co-morbidity, treatments. Includes critical as well as supportive information./10

Assessment of results by cognitive domain (500-700 words) /35
Accurately summarises all findings of neuropsychiatric, neurological, medical and clinical assessments. All relevant information presented in logical sequence and follows acceptable format./20
Draws particular attention to unusual or noteworthy results with comparison to normal values if appropriate. This is done without any diagnostic interpretation./15

Differential diagnosis (250-300 words) /15
Proposes one or more differential diagnosis/provisional hypotheses that can explain the relevant clinical and neuropsychiatric assessment results. The rationale is explained logically with accurate reference to appropriate literature./5

Highlights the limitations of the reported assessment techniques and the extent to which these may constrain hypothesis. Provides an integrated discussion that draws on support from the scientific literature and further demonstrates the relevance of that information to the case /10
Additional investigation (300-500 words) /15

Suggests additional assessments/investigative techniques that could better resolve the diagnostic or clinical question and shows an understanding of their relative strengths./10
Describes at least one potential finding from each of these assessments that would convincingly focus the diagnosis onto a specific disorder or answer the clinical question (e.g. capacity to make decisions). /5
Intervention plan (300 words) /15

Recommends an appropriate intervention plan that addresses all issues raised by referring clinician, patient and family/carer (if appropriate)./10
Demonstrates thorough evidence based understanding of how such intervention strategies relate to the pathology/issues under question./5
General /10

The language used is clear, professional, appropriate and concise. No errors in spelling and grammar. Appropriate use of references.
The case study is within the word limit./10

Business Client Report

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