CAM101A History Philosophy Of ComplementaryAlternative Medicine

CAM101A History Philosophy Of ComplementaryAlternative Medicine


This assessment is aimed at developing student’s ability to reflect on their learning and discuss content and share ideas in a professional online environment. The assessment will develop cognitive and critical thinking skills essential for a career in the health profession.

By prescribing this assessment, students will develop their academic writing skills as well as their ability to effectively summarise information. This assessment allows students to broaden their own understanding of each topic through engaging in academic discourse, while developing their skills to engage in formal discussions with their peers.


Students will be required to post on each of the five (5) discussion forums as per the topics and timeframes as indicated below.

Discussion 1:

Discussion Topic:

Introduce yourself on the discussion forum. Share the course you are studying and why you are passionate about this area of study.

Discussion 2

Discussion Topic:

Share a resource appropriate to the content covered in weeks 1 to 3.

Discussion 3:

Explain holism in relation to a chosen CAM modality.

CAM modalities may include naturopathy, western herbal medicine, nutritional medicine or other suitable modality as discussed in the subject content.

Discussion 4:

This discussion relates to content delivered in weeks 6, 7 & 8.

Discussion Topic:

Identify appropriate ethical professional behaviour in the health industry.

Topics you may discuss: association membership, code of ethics, confidentiality, privacy, boundaries in practice, autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, duty of care, evidence-based medicine for ethical practice.

Discussion 5:

Describe a common CAM modality used in Australia.

CAM Modalities may include: Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, etc.

Topics you may discuss: scope of practice, regulation requirements, value to healing, evidence base.

CAM101A History Philosophy Of ComplementaryAlternative Medicine

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