Can you please provide the answers?

Can you please provide the answers?

1.     The textile mills in Massachusetts & New England:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

implemented the putting-out plan.

gave rise to the first labor unions in the United States.

combined all manufacturing processes of textile at a single location.

used steam engines for power.

1.     The Erie Canal

connected Boston to the Great Lakes

elevated New York City to market & financial supremacy in the early Republic

didn’t lead to similar canals elsewhere

none of the above

1.     In Gibbons v. Ogden the SupremeCourt

recognized that workers have the right to organize if their intent is to improve their working conditions.

recognized workers’ rights to organize by declaring that strikes are legal actions.

ruled against a steamboat monopoly granted by New York state, therefore opening up competition

protected the sanctity of contracts against state interference.

1.     Individual farmers in the new market economy of the 1800s

raised a wide variety of crops.

started trading surplus crops with their neighbors.

were self-sufficient.

concentrated on growing crops for market sales.

1.     Of the following regions, which saw limited urban growth in theearly 19th century?

the South

New England

the West

the mid-Atlantic

1.     Both the National Road and the Erie Canal

established important transportation links between the North and the South.

were funded by the federal government.

were funded exclusively by the states in which they were located.

established important transportation links between the East and the West.

1.     A labor movement – Workingmen’s parties- developed in the 1820sconsequent to:

increased wealth across all classes and groups

increasing wealth inequality and workers’ concerns over reduced status and social benefits as wage earners

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