Case company report

Requisites for this week (Week 2 ending 9/7) using your case semester company make a report answering the following questions.
1-    Globalization and the MNE.  The term globalization has become very widely used in recent years. How would you define it?  Narayana Murthy’s quote is a good place to start any discussion of globalization: “I define globalization as producing where it is most cost-effective, selling where it is most profitable, and sourcing capital where it is cheapest, without worrying about national boundaries.” Narayana Murthy, President and CEO, Infosys
2-     Describe the countries, currencies and operations where you company make business overseas, also describe where the assets and debts are related in terms of operations, currencies and countries.
3-    Describe in terms of your company, the meaning of cost effective in terms of labor, materials and facilities, also describe customer locations and financial sources, why those factors plays in different places?
Your Case Report must contain the following requisites
Minimum two pages, no space, 10 size font Arial or Times New Roman Font, margins one inch all around. You can use this same document to develop your case report for the present week it is already formatted with the requisites.

Additional information:

My company is Nike. Ticker Symbol  – NKE
1- Read the SEC10K form from your company. Visit, then type your ticker, and then see left side of the page inside company section, SEC FILINGS click and look at the 10 K Annual Report, INSIDE THE 10K REPORT Read BUSINESS, RISK AND MANAGMENT DISCUSSION SECTIONS ONLY..
2- Now read the questions for the Assignment, and using your company as a context answer the cuestions. Follow the instructions inside the document. You need to answer only the questions that are required.


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