Case Study Essay

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Case Study Essay

We have seen from the module content that there have historically been significant failure rates with Information Systems and IT projects. Evidence suggests that in projects where time and attention are given to accurately investigate and diagnose the nature of the change which the IS and IT systems are required to achieve and also the environment within which the change will occur, then there is a much higher likelihood of project success.

A number of Information System ‘methodologies’ have been developed to assist in the investigation and diagnosis of the requirements from, and nature of, IS and IT-driven organizational change. Perhaps the best known of these is the ‘Soft Systems Methodology’ (SSM) developed by Peter Checkland at the University of Lancaster, UK.

You are required to apply and evaluate the techniques of
Rich Pictures and Root Cause definition from SSM to the topic area which you investigated within the Royal Bank of Scotland ‘Columbus’ BPR case study, which is
Senior Management Commitment and Communications (Power Point on that topic is Provided). You need to deliver a rich picture, CATWOE and root cause definition, making any reasonable assumptions relating to RBoS and the problem domain.

Evaluate the techniques including what you believe the benefits to be in terms of your understanding of the problem situation and the challenges, which you feel exist with the application of SSM

1500 words maximum

Case Study Essay

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