Changes management and organisational development


Student should build on the work undertaken in Part A of this learning and assessment task, and take account of discussion and feedback on the group’s first presentation and summary report. In this second stage of their analysis, each group will develop recommendations for a more effective change program for their case organisation as follows:

 firstly, identify the possible interventions that are suggested from the analysis work undertaken in Part A of this learning and assessment task.

 secondly, using the framework for implementing change that is described in the text (see pp. 162-174 for details of the five major activities in this process), assess how effective the case organisation is likely to be in the change effort based on the analysis undertaken. Identify any areas of weakness that will impact on future change efforts (for example in the organisation’s readiness for change).

Also each group will submit a 1000 word summary report on the assessment and recommendations which supports the presentation material.

Assessment will be in terms of:

 The appropriateness of the interventions recommended

 The quality of the application of the Waddell Effective Change Model

 Clarity of expression and presentation of the report.

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