Charles Chaplin


the movie

This essay is about to develop an idea of what
you think that film is about, and show us the evidence from the film that supports your
interpretation. You will need, as such, a clear thesis that has depth and precision. Every
scene you select from the film to support your thesis should show something that is both
consistent across scenes (and in support of the general thesis) and also different from the
others in crucial respects. That is to say, you should assume that each scene in the film
contributes a different piece to a larger idea, and that the filmmaker is not repeating
himself identically from scene to scene. once again writer must read the paper and watch the film in order to deeply analysis the film instead of just talking about what happened in the film and what was mentioned in reading. The formal essay should be with a strong thesis and prove the thesis base on reading and film. So writer must read the readings and watch the film. The link for the film is at the description part. Please read the essay prompt carefully and if writer has any question contact me as soon as possible. And also Please do it properly this time, cuz if some mistake again this time I wont have anytime to fix again! Thanks!

this is the link for movie

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