Child Abuse

Child Abuse.

The Assignment:

In this essay, you will be writing to argue for a change. You have involved yourself a specific issue for this semester, and now it is time to use your writing skills to move an audience to act. After having invested yourself in this topic, you will write this paper targeting a specific audience—those you want to get involved, those you want to educate or those you want to change. This paper is to establish the issue, highlight why it is an issue that needs to be looked into, what the key issue are that needs to be looked into and why as well as addressing why efforts to solve this issue have not been as effective as they need to be (the opposition).

The rubric for this assignment—as with all assignments this semester—will be created by you and graded by me. You need to make sure that this paper takes into consideration the Key Concepts as well as the main points mentioned in the above paragraph.
Below you will find a generic outline that can be used for this paper, but in all actuality, I would like to see you challenge yourself in regard to how you organize and structure this paper.
If you have any specifics on this paper, please ask.

The Generic Outline:
This paper is referred to as a shouldbecause paper because you are arguing a point in which you are trying to get your audience to listen to and then act on what you are suggesting. You need to have an issue that is current and significant in regard to your chosen issue. You must choose an aspect of this topic that matters to you and something that you would like to see changed or improved or simply something you feel others need to be educated on. You are not telling how to change or fix the problem per say, but you are giving a suggestion to starting facilitating the conversation for change and improvement. You need to rely heavily on outside sources. I am looking for a nice blend of both direct quotes and paraphrased information. I want your info to come from sites like CQ Researcher, JStore and EbscoHost, but remember, you also need firsthand accounts, graphs and other sources in this vein, but they must be approved. Remember that a couple of your sources must show the oppositional point of view.

Child Abuse

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