Children of families with DRUG ABUSE

Conduct an advocacy project about children who are born and raised in families with drug and alcohol usage which tend to be abused physically, sexually, emotionally and be neglected.

Step 1) Goal
What is the goal of your personal Advocacy Project? Sum this up in one professional paragraph. (One paragraph minimum.)

Step 2) Research
What did you learn about this topic while doing background research? (Two paragraphs minimum.)

Step 3) Plan
If we had time, what do you envision doing and/or creating to support children and families with this issue? Essentially, what actions would you do to meet your goal? (Two paragraphs minimum.)

Step 4) Follow-through
• Is there something you can do on your own after this class to support this cause? If yes, what is it? If no, why? (One paragraph minimum.)

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The post Children of families with DRUG ABUSE first appeared on nursing writers.



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