Clifton Wharton Transforms TIAA CREF

Clifton Wharton Transforms TIAA CREF

Clifton Wharton Transforms TIAA CREF
Chapter 6
AUTHOR: Useem, 1998
TEXT BOOK: The Leadership Moment: Nine True Stories of Triump and Disaster and Their Lessons for Us All
PUBLISHER: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 9780812932300

Please answer the following questions after reading CHAPTER 6.
Please keep your answer simple.
Answers should be 4 sentences per question (not too long)

1) What personal characteristics or leadership skills did Wharton possess that made him attractive to TIAA-CREF?
2) What distinct ways did Mr. Wharton generate momentum for change? Think of specific examples involving the organization as a whole, those who work for the company, and those who the company serves.
3) Employee compensation became dependent upon returns, business growth, quality, and cost control. Should most organizations take these measures to increase their performance?
4) Do you think there were other factors involved in TIAA-CREF initially being resistant to change, other than the fear of faculty members making poor financial decisions?
5) Would it have provided Wharton with an advantage in restructuring TIAA-CREF if he had an extensive background in finance and insurance management?

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