Clinical Assessment

Clinical Assessment

The purpose of this assignment is to review a clinical assessment video, and to complete an ISBAR clinical handover including a Mental State Assessment based on a patients presentation that you observe and information obtained by the clinician during the assessment.

Please note: This OSCE is equivalent to 1 hour.  This does not mean that students have to take one hour to complete the assessment.  You can watch the video as many times as you like.  This OSCE assessment is an individual piece of work this means that students are not allowed to collaborate on this assessment item.

If you have problems uploading your OSCE to the Learnonline site – Please email them directly to your Lecturer – Do not send your assignment to the Course Coordinator (Unless I am your Lecturer)

Students are required to complete two parts to this assignment:

1.    Use the ISBAR – Clinical Handover template to complete a handover as if you are the Registered Nurse handing a patient over to the oncoming shift.  If there are gaps in the information in the video students may add information so long as it is consistent with the patients presentation.
2.    Complete a Mental State Assessment using the template provided.

In completing this assignment it is important to concentrate on:
•    The questions asked by the clinician
•    The responses provided by the patient
•    Your observation of the patient and their behaviours
•    What are there the possible risk issues ?
•    Consider the information contained in the assessment rubric.
•    Where there is information missing students may use some poetic licence and fill in gaps of information that is consistent with the patients presentation in the video.

Clinical Assessment

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