Club by David Fincher,1999

Club (David Fincher,1999). How muc do the two models differ? Is one ultimately victorious? If so, why? {FILM TEX S]

Demonstrated understanding of relevant gender and film concepts;

Effective use of at least five secondary sources, including at least two identified through

independent research;

-Accurate and comprehensive referencing in the MLA style (in-text references and Works Cited

a e; l”C%eg:r essay

structure: introduction, conclusion, paragraphs organised to maximise unity and


High standard of written expression:

sentence construction, grammar, punctuation, spelling.

Neat presentation: title page, double spacing, page numbers.

Below are some references you can include along with furtherworks you cite:

Beynon, John. “Masculinities and the Notion of Crisis.” Masculinities and

Culture. Philadelphia: Open University Press,2002. 75-97. Print.

Giroux, Henry A. “Private Satisfactions and Public Disorders: Fight Club,

Patriarchy, and the Politics of Masculine fiolence.” Public Spaces, Private Liv es: Beyond the Culture of Cynicism. Lanham: Rowman 8.
Littlefield , 2001 . 61-73. Print.

Neale, Steve. “Masculinity as Spectacle.”The Sexual Subject: AScreen Reader in Sexuality. London; New
York: Routledge, 1992. 277-287. Print.

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