CNA345 Professional Practice

CNA345 Professional Practice


In this essay, you will draw on the knowledge and skills acquired during previous study, in particular your previous research unit (what is the best available evidence? What is high level evidence?).

In this assessment task you will undertake a review of the literature to explore and provide critique of the evidence base surrounding an aspect of care. 

In the case study, the Mr De Jong suffered delirium. In this assessment task, you will undertake a review of the literature to explore and critique the evidence-base surrounding this aspect of care and argue what is considered best practice. In this assessment task you will need to: 

• Explore the specific risk factors for Mr De Jong 

• How delirium may have been prevented in this case? 

• How to manage the delirium in the case

You will need to explain how evidence informs and underpins nursing practice to prevent and manage patient outcomes.

In this unit you have been following the journey of Mr De Jong from the acute care hospital setting to his return to the community. This assessment requires you to examine how care will be transferred from the hospital to his home. Mr De Jong is being discharged home to the same suburb/town/city in which you live (or have undertaken your most recent PEP), and therefore you will need to seek information on services available to meet his (and his family’s) complex needs in your local community. You will need to consider the transfer of information between differing services during his care transition. Mr De Jong does not wish for his admission diagnosis to be disclosed or discussed.

Intended Learning Outcomes for this unit are;

1.Consistently, effectively and coherently apply consolidated, synthesised research and evidence-based knowledge to contextualised, complex theoretical and simulated clinical situations in accordance with the Registered nurse standards of practice 

2.2. Apply clinical reasoning to assess, analyse, problem solve, adapt and act effectively in unpredictable and complex theoretical and simulated clinical situations 

3.3. Critically self-reflect and actively commit to practice improvement and life-long learning 

4.4. Communicate effectively, drawing on an appropriate evidence base, to transmit knowledge, ideas and skills 

5.5. Consistently demonstrate cultural competence and the ability to practice collaboratively and effectively as a member of the health care team

CNA345 Professional Practice

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