College basketball success and application

Topic: College basketball success and application

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It is a research paper on economics of sports. My topic is College basketball success and application. This research paper is hypothesis, write a literature review, find data and perform the appropriate statistical analysis.

Research in Sports Economics

Economics 499                                Spring, 2014
Michigan State University                        Lawrence Martin

In this course students write a research paper on some topic in the economics of sports.  Examples of topics appear in the Journal of Sports Economics available through Electronic Resources at Michigan State U.  (  The paper must be empirical, involving data analysis at least as sophisticated as multiple regression.  Students delineate a hypothesis, write a literature review, find data and perform the appropriate statistical analysis.  They then write a research paper.

Last term I had several excellent papers and many very good ones.  For me, it was one of the most rewarding semesters in my long career.  I am hoping for a continued upward trend.

Grading:  The grade for the course is the grade on the paper perhaps adjusted downward if attendance is poor, deadlines not met, STATA not learned, or contact with Martin outside of class minimal.  I encourage you to do the paper with a fellow student.  There are no tests, problem sets, or any other such assignments.  The following are essential.  (note the extensive and regular contact with Martin outside of class.)
1.     Attendance is mandatory.
2.    I encourage you to write a joint paper with another student.  This is not a requirement, and you are welcome to go it alone.
3.    The topic must be found and discussed with Martin early in the term.
4.    You must have at least 1 discussion with me in January.
5.    You must have at least 4 discussions with me before Spring Break.
6.    The final topic, data, and  statistical technique must be approved before Spring Break.
7.    A draft of the idea should be done by February 1.
8.    The literature review should be turned in by March 1.
9.    Data should be gathered and regressions run by April 1.
10.    Presentations will be given in class during April.
11.    The final paper is due on the last day of class, which is April 25.

4.0    attend class, learn STATA, steps above done in a timely manner, paper potentially publishable
3.5    attend class, learn STATA, steps above done in a timely manner, good paper, original thought
3.0    attend class, learn STATA, steps above done in a timely manner, good paper, Martin’s idea (i.e., good student who did what he or she was told)
2.5    missing class, STATA unlearnt, steps above done in an untimely manner, good paper
2.0    steps above done, ok paper
0.0    steps above not done

Office:  My office is 103a OB.  My hours are 2 to 6 on Monday , but I am available almost any time by appointment.  Email is

January and early February        I present and we discuss papers in sports economics.  I also   review some econometrics where needed.  My ta teaches STATA.  You find and receive approval for a topic, the data, the statistical technique.  You do the literature review,  etc.

Late February and March        No class meetings.  You gather data and run regressions, meeting with me regularly.

April        Class presentations (power point, 10 minutes, regression results are a must)

April 25        Final paper due

The key to success in this course is to move beyond the kind of papers that you have written in your academic career, papers that were written solo, usually in secret and submitted for a grade.  In this course, we do research, which is usually joint with another author, which involves many discussions, re-workings and revisions along the way, which derives preliminary results and shares those results with interested colleagues, and which is revised and displayed publicly. I will post you work on the course website and perhaps in other settings.  For example, I will be discussing papers written by students in past semesters.

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