Communication across cultures

Communication across cultures

Assessment (Portfolio) about :

briefing paper where you will have the opportunity to advise a client of your choice on issues related to international business. You are asked to choose a client/organization and prepare a briefing paper advising them on a cross-cultural problem (e.g. managing or negotiating across cultures.).
Working internationally requires sensitivity to diverse business and communicative practices. In completing this paper you will develop your ability to manage people or negotiate across cultures in an international business environment.

specific details about the requirements:

The briefing paper : You should think of yourself as a Consultant who is an expert in working or investing in my country (Oman). (I prefer to build the case on open clothes or furniture manufactory)

Using your reflections and theories discussed in class such as Hofstede (1980), Gary Ferraro & Brown and Levinson (1987), you need to choose a client whom you can advise on different aspects/ or one aspect of working across cultures in (Oman) my country.

Once aspect about working in Oman or most Arab countries is the concept of WASTA. A business person from outside the Arab countries would not fully understand the importance of this concept in doing business. They would have to rely on someone like you to explain its implications. There are similar concepts in Western countries such as networking but these are not as persuasively used in these countries as Wasta is in Arab countries.

Alternatively you could write a general report for anyone who might want to work or invest in Oman.

– You should include a case study tool or tools such as a SWOT and/or PESTEL analysis.

– You will need to support your discussion with reference to expert opinion (theories/concepts)

Referencing : All secondary sources must be referenced using the Havard format. You should indicate the source of any primary sources (e.g. feedback from classmates).

in additional, please make sure the
research paper have Marking Criteria and would like to be follows as below:

Your work will be graded on your ability to demonstrate:

– Level of insight and accuracy in synthesis of data and understanding of client/reader’s needs; independence of thought (30%)

– You should include case study tools to analyse the problems or issues identified in the case including sound conclusions supported by valid and relevant evidence from academic authorities in the subject areas of cross cultural and business studies (30%)

– The discussion should be focused, informative and convey the impression of being prepared by reading widely around the particular subject area including ‘real world’ sources from the writer’s knowledge such as intercultural incidents. (20%)

– Clear presentation and structure; language should be flowing and concise; referencing should be included and accurate throughout (20%)

in other hand in this research paper need to :

•Work demonstrates an exemplary standard of critical analysis; exemplary in its use of ideas, concepts and theory.

•Excellent use of sources/case studies and evidence and draws on an exemplary range of material/evidence and examines the topic in considered detail; demonstrating a very high level of awareness of and sensitivity to the limits of the evidence.

•Demonstrates an exemplary understanding of links between theory and practice and practice related issues.

•Very high standard of referencing throughout and written English including subject specific language.

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