Communication marketingconcept(s) or principle(s).

Communication marketingconcept(s) or principle(s)..

The objective of this assignment is for you to find and review an example, illustration, video or how to of a Service Marketing, Retailing & Integrated MKTG Communication marketingconcept(s) or principle(s).

  1. Find an example, illustration, video or how to that has not already been entered on this blog. Thus you need to look at the blog first to see what already has been submitted.
  2. If you have identified what has already been submitted that is great! It is best and easiest to submit a visual such as a photo, a magazine advertisement or a video but a good description will also work. If you use a video you should use Mashups to add it to your blog. The instructions that follow are for submitting a video from YouTube. (See item 3.)
  3. To find a video and submit with Mashups follow these instructions
    1. click on create blog entry
    2. click on Mashups
    3. click on YouTube Video
    4. enter your search terms in the search box
    5. click on video you select
  4. Provide your review of the video etc. in terms of:
  1. In the official textbook for the course the page number where the principle or concept is found.
  2.  Identify and state the concept or principle.
  3. Provide your assessmentand review of how the example, illustration, video or how to is based on the concept or principle. You might want to include in your review what you learned from the  example, illustration, video or how to Its ability to keep your attention, the strengths and weaknesses of the example, illustration, video or how to with regard to the concept or principle.

Communication marketingconcept(s) or principle(s).

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