Compare and contrast Unemployment record of UK and USA during the 1920s and the 1930s

Title: Compare and contrast Unemployment record of UK and USA during the 1920s and the 1930s

1: The curve of unemployment rate of UK and USA had the same trend in the interwar period, they both suffered the greatly increase of unemployment rate in early 1920s and great depression in 1930s.

Stat: a) Labour Force and Its Component: 1900 to 1947 (US)

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b) The graph from lecture slides

Example: c) The global effect of Great depression in 1930s

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2: The unemployment benefit system in that time did not effect on the unemployment rate of UK and USA

Author/Theory: a) Collins


Stat:   c)regular benefit of unemployment of USA in 1920s and 1930s


3: The structure change in industry decreased the unemployment rate of USA, however, it did not have obvious impact on UK’s unemployment rate.

Author/Theory: a) von Tunzelmann: more labour-intensive in new industries VS Aldcroft& Richardson: less labour-intensive in new industries in UK

Example: b) Mass Production in USA: more opportunities

4: The problem of regional gap appeared in unemployment rate of the nations. Both UK and USA had higher unemployment rate in the less industrial region. 

Example: a) Inner Britain had lower rates of unemployment than outer regions

Author/ Theory b)Simon and Nardinelli show that unemployment rates and the industrial diversity index were positively correlated across cities in USA

5: To recovery the great depression in 1930s, UK and USA impose their tariffs to protect their domestic economy. And the
increasing of tariffs led to the decline of world trade and did not help on the unemployment rate.

Examples: a)
The Tariff Act of 1930 of USA

                        b) General Tariff of UK

Author/ Theory:  c)
Phillips curve

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