Comparison and Contrast



Basically, linguistics is the scientific study of language. Like any other branch of cognitive science, linguistics has become multifaceted so that structurally, it has grammar, syntax and morphology; semantics and pragmatics; phonetics and phonology; and graphology and graphetics, among others. On the other hand, there are other sub disciplines of linguistics such theoretical, applied linguistics, forensic linguistics, glossogenetics and etymology, among others.

However, the main intent of this paper is to compare and contrast phonetics and phonology as branches or topics of linguistics.

Phonetics and phonology are similar in the sense that first, they are branches of linguistics, and secondly, they are scientific study of speech sounds. In this case, the primary object of the study in both is the speech sounds, the phonemes, phones and the allophones. Nevertheless, some disparities abound between the two abound

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