Comparison, Contrast Outlines

: Comparison, Contrast Outlines

Just as Ann McClintock (2008) observed in his article “propaganda technique in today’s advertising’, advertiser are influencing our spending habit based on very flimsy ground which in most of the cases are not even factual. Propaganda has become their best friend in this endeavor, it might only be a matter of time before somebody rushes to court seeking to restrain them or worst, damages for being duped into purchasing certain product that might have failed to live to expectation.

However, this is a necessarily evil especially due to the proliferation of firms dealing in similar products, which explain why a company like McDonald can resort to name calling as a strategy of wrestling the beverage market share that has hitherto been in the hands of Starbuck. Starbuck on the other hand have been using the testimonies of carefully selected personalities concerning the ‘wonderful’ experience with its range of coffee specialties. McDonald’s ‘Mc’ concept is another idea that is expected to exploit the people desire not to be different or what is called in advertising as the bandwagon (McClintock, 2008). This and other techniques are being used by today corporate to maintain and win new customer or markets.


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